Breakfast in form of rich buffet served every day from 7:00 till 10:00 is included in price of accommodation.

In the coffee menu you will find not only Espresso, but also Caffé Laté and Capucino. Cocoa and Caro, grain coffee are also available for children. Of course there is a wide selection of teas, fresh white and dark pastries, fruit juice, fruit and vegetables, pate, processed cheese, variations of sausages and cheese,

Caprese but also sandwiches.

In addition to the cold buffet, we also prepare a hot
buffet. You can enjoy cooked sausages, fried cigars, fried bacon, lentils or beans and eggs in several ways – scrambled, hard-boiled, soft-boiled egg, egg omelettes, fried eggs or sandwiched egg bread.

Our specialty is homemade spread, self-made marmalades and homemade cakes.

For lovers of sweet breakfasts, you will certainly enjoy waffles and pudding.

We like to boast our health corner full of cereals, dried and fresh fruits, cereal desserts and other goodies.

We also thinking on guests with food allergies, we offer gluten-free cereals and milk powder.