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MIKULOV - its unquestionable dominant feature is Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill). There are white rocks and slopes covered with woods and on the way of the cross here you can find the pilgrim Church of St. Sebastian, a bell tower and other sacred buildings. Another attraction inseperably linked with Mikulov is Mikulov`s castle. Its distinct sillhouette welcomes visitors who come to the Czech Republic through the boarding crossing with Austria at the great distance. There is a remarkable exposition and excursion objects in the castle. The most interesting one is the unique wine exposition and the castle cellar with a giant barrel.

During your tour of Mikulov do not miss the remnants of the jewish ghetto and one of the biggest jewish cemeteries in Central Europe by all means.

Turold - a large quarry, where operations stopped in 1934, offers many of natural attractions. On the bottom floor there is an entrance to the cave called Fox Den which is nowadays open to the public.

The fact that the town is surrounded by wineries must be obvious to nearly all arrivals who, enchanted, just gaze towards Mikulov at the great distance. Yes, grapewine is inseparably linked to this region and if it hadn't been planted by a man, it would have probably found this place with pleasure on its own.

Biking and walking trips - Mikulov region is suitable for hikers and bikers alike.

More about the town of Mikulov see here.

Bonsai Hotel is situated in the vicinity of the historical centre of Mikulov na Moravěwith a view to the baroque castle and the natural reserve Holy Hill with the Church of St. Sebastian. The important part of the town history is also the famous jewish ghetto with theUpper Synagogue situated in Husova Street. It is the biggest ghetto in Central Europe. You can finish the town tour in one of the wine cellars. The town is famous for its hundred years old wine making tradition and it is one of the centres of wine tourism: several nature trails and bike trails run through the surroundings. You can enjoy a pleasant evening with a glass of local wine or experience a guided wine tasting.

In the immediate vicinity of Mikulov there are other touristically interesting areas:

  • CHKO Pálava - Pálava hills, i.e. beautiful and diverse nature, snow-white limestone rocks tens of million years old, prehistoric settlement, castle ruins.
  • Lednicko-valtický areál - baroque castle, ponds of Lednice, rich glasshouses, Islamic minaret, The Temple of Apollo, Three Beauties, The Castle of John etc. 
  • Wine village of Valtice and the local wine competition National Wine Salon.
  • Pohansko - archeological reserve and empire hunting chateau.

Straight accross the street you can find outdoor swimming-pool called Riviera with water slide. Not far there is also indoor sport center, tennis courts, football ground etc. You can also try fishing at a private pond and the local forests are heaven for mushroom pickers.